Jive World 2012 – Afterthoughts


A few months ago I felt a true adrenaline rush (the kind that gamblers thrive on!) when my team decided to bring our entire crew to this year’s Jive World at Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas. After five grueling years of building our expertise and partnership with Jive, the fruits of our labor were getting ripe. The timing of this year’s conference lined up perfectly with the completion of several important Jive projects for our clients, so this year’s show promised to be rich with fresh opportunities and face-to-face networking with Jive’s ecosystem.


Now that the show is behind us, I am extremely happy to report that this year’s event was a very important step on our journey together. It was exciting to learn about the new and upcoming features in Jive 6 and to hear all of the cutting-edge ways that people are using the Jive platform. Here are my observations from this year’s conference:

  • When CEO Tony Zingale questioned, “What would you do if you could take back a day of your work week, every week?” in his keynote, I was dreaming of all the different ways that increased productivity can improve the world we live in. The list is literally endless.
  • Key industry players like Salesforce and Microsoft have further validated the enterprise social space and deeper integration between all of these platforms is possible thanks to the battle-hardened Open Social standards that continue to evolve.
  • Today’s Jive platform is intrinsic to the success of many of its early adopters. Since the release of the Jive Clearspace platform in 2007, Jive has solidified its role as THE visionary leader in the social business category. This can be demonstrated through its recent release of strategic technology such as Jive Anywhere, Jive Cloud, Jive Apps Framework as well as through new strategic partnerships like the one with Box.
  • The first wave of enterprise social has already passed. Many of Jive’s clients have a stronger understanding of how the platform can be leveraged to unlock the business value of teams working together across business, geographical, and technological boundaries. At the same time, the platform has become an effective place for building a company’s culture so that it is better equipped for increased levels of collaboration over the next decade.
  • Existing enterprise social networks continue to mature. Senior members of major industries across the world are working more closely together to develop applications that were nearly impossible to fathom in 2007. McKinsey Global Institute estimates the potential value that can be unlocked will top out around $1.3 Trillion annually. WOW!!!

Jive’s Ecosystem is Paramount to Shareholder Value


Wall Street’s demand for immediate returns places a tremendous pressure on the entire Jive ecosystem. Jive is going through growing pains, which is to be expected for a company moving at such a rapid pace. It will take a significant investment in the platform and building long-term relationships over the next decade to stay positioned as the leader in the enterprise social space.


The out-of-the-box Jive Software Platform is the best there is but platforms are more than software. Successful platforms nurture the many players who comprise the ecosystem, i.e. stewardship. Every Jive community should reflect the steward’s individual business and culture. But customization takes strategy and experience.


Some community managers have chosen to build an in-house team from the ground up but this takes a large investment of time and resources. Others have turned to Jive’s expert Professional Services team for large scale projects such as a massive data migration or highly specialized systems integration projects.


For companies whose needs don’t quite fit into the categories above, there’s FG SQUARED. As a Jive Alliance Agency, we have years of experience helping clients strategize, customize and implement their Jive community. We’ve been there since the beginning – when Jive was called Clearspace! We’re adept at creating custom themes and plug-ins and developing tailor-made functionality to make your Jive community your own.


Fortunately, the Jive platform is the backbone of their service delivery model and that gives Jive an edge against competition especially over the long run. As they have done in the past, I expect Jive is going to learn as they go, navigate the course and ultimately raise the bar to a whole new level of magnitude.


What’s next?


Social can be fun, but, let’s face it, platform stewardship is hard work. Together, we can leverage enterprise social technologies to unlock $1.3 Trillion of business value annually and transform the world that we live in. My team greatly enjoyed the time that we spent.


Next year is going to be even better.


See our huge photo gallery from Jive World 2012.


Great video footage from the Dance Off at the Jive World 2012 Wrap Party – you gotta see this!

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