FG SQUARED’s New Lease on Life

FG SQUARED headquartered on Austin's historic 6th Street
Woo-hoo! We at FG SQUARED are excited to make public that we have negotiated with our landlord to extend our office lease for another three years. We have also negotiated an option to extend the lease for an additional three years once the current lease expires. FG SQUARED has been headquartered on Austin’s 6th Street for nine out of the nineteen years the company has been in business.

We are equally excited to announce that we have plans to partner with our clients at Plantronics to redevelop the acoustical design of our workspace. Our mutual goal is to better serve the contemporary needs of a knowledge workforce through true thought leadership in the area of #smarterworking. By creating a “showroom of the future” that not only serves FG SQUARED, but as an example of a revolutionary workspace environment, we hope to inspire the business community at large to work smarter!
Stay tuned. More updates on our journey are to come.

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