Bijoy Goswami – JOurneYing (TM), Part 1 of 3

My friend, Bijoy Goswami, is on a mission to help bootstrapping entrepreneurs and others better understand the importance of one’s journey and being conscious of the journey capital one accumulates along the way.
What Bijoy has been exploring throughout a lifetime of discovery, years of research, and a five-week course he led this past month (in which I participated), is how uncovering the common threads in the journey—your personal journey, your enterprise’s journey, and even your city’s journey—can help you, your enterprise, and your city remain relevant and sustainable throughout challenges and changes.
Bijoy’s explorations and findings within the realm of journeying are of genuine interest to me. Since FG SQUARED opened its doors in 1994, whether it’s been out of necessity or inspiration, or both, the company’s business models, focus and goals have shifted and adapted many times over. Understanding my journey as a bootstrapping entrepreneur has helped and continues to help me meet my company’s needs and the demands of the current marketplace. It also helps me better serve FG SQUARED’s stakeholders and Austin’s entrepreneurial scene.
Recently, I interviewed Bijoy in order to create a sharable discussion on journeying. The interview has been broken up into three parts. The first part, which you can read in full now on his blog reveals Bijoy’s thoughts and insights on stewardship, plugging into the entrepreneurial scene, history’s impact on one’s journey, being yourself, the idea of Austin being the Journey City in the world, and much more. I hope that it helps you think more consciously of your own journey as you move forward personally and professionally.

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