Bijoy Goswami – JOurneYing (TM), Part 3 of 3

What is the hero’s journey, why is it important, and how does it relate to one’s life journey? How can we find ways to expand upon it and apply it to different dimensions of our journey—to work and relationships and connections with things greater than ourselves? These are just a few of the questions that Bijoy Goswami and I address in the final installment of my interview with him, available online here.
I am in the process of taking a personal inventory of my own journey capital and shaping it into a meaningful story, which I will make available on the FG SQUARED website soon.
The fugue notion of journeying is perhaps the idea that is influencing me the most right now. How can I apply what I have learned from my entrepreneurial journey to other aspects of my life, and bring things together congruently? Uncovering opportunities to make important changes and having thoughtful conversations with those I care about are helping me to answer this question. I believe that making even small changes can make a big difference in one’s life, especially when expressed with authenticity and practiced daily, one step at a time, independently or in conjunction with others, in a concert of change.
At present, I feel so much gratitude for the important people in my life, the communities that I belong to, and the cities that have informed my own journey (like Austin, Texas, Portland, Oregon, and Tampa, Florida). Looking back, it seems that each one has led me further along my path, and that often, I wouldn’t have had the next opportunity or experience had I not had the last one. I’ve also noticed that many fellow journeyers come into my life, leave, and come back again—in some cases, many times over. It has become increasingly important to me to give to others along the way, and to have whole, meaningful interactions at each juncture.
What journey capital have you accumulated in your life? What journey are you on right now, and what meaning might you uncover by reflecting on it? How might that meaning help you express your Self in different ways and bring more enjoyment and peace of mind to your life today?

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