Let’s Jive

As a Jive Alliance Agency, we develop and implement customization strategies to meet the needs of both our clients and their community members.

FG SQUARED offers a Try Jive services package to complement Jive’s own Try Jive 30 day free trial. The intent is to help Jive prospects jump into using Jive quickly. FG SQUARED provides a few customizations to enhance the proof-of-concept and satisfy internal stakeholders’ questions about what Jive can do for them. Services include:

  • Custom Theming Lite – Font colors, header with company logo.
  • Platform Configuration Training – The how-tos of system configuration, admin console, permissions, groups, spaces, community management, Q&A.
  • Community Map – A document that defines the plan for space setup, permission structure, content creation, user migration (if needed). This service may also include migration mapping from old community to new (if needed).

Contact FG SQUARED for more information.


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